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S I T E     R E V I E W

June 2001

GRADE LEVEL: K-6, Professionals, Parents

The ABCteach site is a collection of resources for teachers, student teachers, parents, and students to supplement classroom curricula or help parents who want to work with their children at home.
Cute, colorful graphics animate the simple layout.
The main page is a grid with links to the multitude of resources on this site. Users can access all sections from the text links on the main page, and each internal page has a bottom navigation menu. An onsite search tool is also available.
A teacher developed ABCteach to share her educational ideas -- and share she does. Teachers will find printable work sheets on such topics as ABC Activities, Sign Language, and Portfolios. The theme units include materials for teaching about everything from Apples to Dinosaurs and Room Olympics to Trees. Included in the Extra Activities category are Games to Go, Flip Books, Coloring Pages, and How to make a website. Busy teachers will find this site a real time saver.