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May 2001

The Open Door Web Site

This site was created by a group of teachers in France, but the content is of universal interest to teachers and students. It includes topic chapters, facts and figures, and questions and quizzes.
Set in frames, the site is bright, with colorful graphics and text. The multicolored text is a little difficult to read.
A top and a right navigation menu give access to the major sections of the site. Included is a quick search and an index search as well as a site map.
This resource for students and teachers is loaded with background material and is still growing. The Biology, Physics, and History sections are complete, and sections on Technology and Chemistry are in the works. The Practical Work section offers lab experiments and hands-on activities to further understanding of the concepts. The site also presents a section of plays written by students. Students need to be aware of the British spellings, but this is a great resource for homework help or busy teachers looking for activities to supplement the curriculum.