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S I T E     R E V I E W

May 2001


TeenGOV is designed to teach teenagers about the branches of government and how they work together.
The site is colorful and appealing. Users must have Flash player to view the site.
Navigation through the site is intuitive, with graphics representing the four main sections: The White House, The Capitol Building, The Supreme Court, and State Government.
TeenGOV will help students understand the workings of the government and develop an understanding of how they can be involved in the process. The White House section explains some of the duties of the president and how the Electoral College works. The Capitol Building section discusses the two houses of Congress, its purpose, and how citizens can help make laws. The Supreme Court section explores how justices are chosen, how they review cases, and their terms. The section on State Government takes a look at government at the state and local levels and discusses ways to become involved.