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May 2001

Count On!

Count On! is a collection of math activities for elementary classes. Created in the United Kingdom, hence the "maths" for mathematics, the site seeks to foster a positive attitude toward math.
The site is vibrant and colorful. The engaging activities will appeal to elementary-age students.
The site is easy to navigate via the left-side icon menu.
This is a great online resource for elementary math classes. Numberland features a giant magic square that reveals number poems, limericks, facts, and pictures that encourage students to learn about numbers. Top Jobs gives readers information on how math is used in everyday work. The Games section is filled with interactive Java games and links to other math games on the Internet. Students will enjoy the Explorer section, where they can explore primes, patterns, fractions, origami, anamorphic art, and much more. There is a prime and factor calculator for finding the factors of a number, and the Randomizer simulates the roll of dice or the flipping of coins. This site provides enough activities to supplement the math curriculum for the entire school year.