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April 2001

The Centennial Exhibition

This site, presented by the Free Library of Philadelphia, is a digitized version of the Centennial Exhibition held in Philadelphia in 1876.
This is a professional site with well-placed graphics. The color scheme and text layout work very well.
A left-side menu that expands to show the sub-menus makes navigation easy. A Quick Search feature is also available.
It's interesting to see and read about an exhibition that took place more than 175 years ago. Students can compare the wonders of that age to the present. Exhibition Facts details the facts and the participating countries, provides a timeline, and examines the Music of the period. Through Tours, users can make a virtual visit to each area of the exhibition by clicking on an interactive map. In the Centennial Schoolhouse, visitors will find an account of a teenage boy's visit to the exhibition and Teaching Resources that include ideas for incorporating the site into history, mathematics, language arts, and music instruction.