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S I T E     R E V I E W

April 2001


The site provides a collection of interactive work sheets. Students at all levels use materials from the Web to learn English.
The layout is a simple table. What this site lacks in pizzazz, however, it makes up for in content. It is offered in Spanish as well as English. Advertisements are present on the upper-level work sheets.
Materials are organized into ten levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Links to each category appear on the main page, and there are links back to the main page from other pages.
NetSurf Learning is a great resource for EFL and ESL teachers as well as students or parents who need to practice their English skills. These materials could be used as a stand-alone learning experience or as a supplement for a classroom curriculum. Each of the ten levels of difficulty features 100 interactive work sheets with easy-to-follow directions. Each work sheet provides a variety of materials from the Web that reinforce grammar, comprehension, reading for pleasure, and writing, as well as adventures, word games, poems, and quizzes. Simple teacher and student guides are provided.