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April 2001

Mysterious Journey: Rainforest-Desert-Grassland

Mysterious Journey is a ThinkQuest site that provides information written by and for students about rain forests, deserts, and grasslands.
Photos supplement the text, which is large and easy to read.
This is a well-organized site and has links to each of the biome pages on each page. There is also a button bar at the bottom of each page to allow easy navigation.
Mysterious Journey is a wonderful resource for teachers and students. The site provides information about three biomes -- rain forests, deserts, and grasslands. Hotlinks in the text take users to a glossary that defines unfamiliar. Each section provides comprehensive information about the biome, and pictures help explain each area. Treasure Hunt leads users on a full exploration of the entire site. At the Discussion Forum, students can post questions or comments about the site and its content. There are also links to other sites related to the subject matter.