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March 2001

GRADE LEVEL: Professional

Everything ESL is a collection of lesson plans, teaching tips, resource links, and discussions for teachers of ESL students.
The site is attractive and has wide sidebars, easy-to-read text, and a few graphics.
A top navigation bar makes navigation through the site easy. There is also a handy site map and an on-site search tool.
ESL teachers will find a wealth of resources at this site. Lesson plans geared to TESOL ESL standards for Pre-K through 12 students include such topics as Amazing Animals, Thirteen Original Colonies, Pumpkin Science, and more. The list of lessons can be sorted by title or posting date. Teaching Tips includes classroom activities, related links, and other resources. Visitors to the site can join one of two discussion boards. One is for general comments, and the other is for posting questions to Judie Haynes, one of the creators of the site.