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March 2001

I Can Do That!

I Can Do That! offers a painless way to gather information about DNA, RNA, cells, protein, and cloning. The content takes the form of a conversation between four characters -- Gene, Polly (DNA polymerase), RayNa (RNA), and Chloe (a chloroplast).
Simple graphics and drawings illustrate the content.
The table of contents on the left side of each page offers links to the home page and all the subject areas. Hotlinks in the text take students to explanations of specific text.
This site provides students with an entertaining and interesting way to learn some complicated material. Each page offers a fun fact, called neuron food, to spark curiosity. The simple drawings explain the content fairly well. In addition to the four main characters, students will meet others, such as Rudy (the root cell) and BeeGee (the blue-green algae). I Can Do That! takes students through the basics of DNA, cells, and synthesis. Educators could have students work through the site and then present sections to classmates or complete a project based on the research done through this site. In addition, the site offers an extensive list of links to other sources of information on these subjects.