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S I T E     R E V I E W

March 2001

The Atoms Family

Famous characters from gothic horror movies present educational activities about energy conservation and transformation, electricity and fossil fuels, and the power of the sun.
Images of the horror characters, bright colorful graphics, and animations all provide eye appeal.
The images of the characters on the main page link to different areas of the site. Students can navigate internal pages by using the character buttons at the bottom of each page or go back to the main page. Each section of the site has a menu of activities on its main page.
The Atoms Family offers information on all aspects of energy and is presented in an easy-to-use and entertaining way. For instance, students can add layers of insulation to see how it affects the inside temperature of the Mummy's Tomb. Six unsavory characters, including Igor, the Mummy, and the Phantom, explain the rules of electrical safety. Visit the Phantom's Portrait Parlor to learn about Phases of Matter and Mighty Molecules. At The Wolf Man's Ghostly Graveyard, explore the concepts of fuel conservation and energy transfer, or visit Dracula's Library, where the ever-popular vampire explains the properties of light waves and particles.