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S I T E     R E V I E W

March 2001

Who Is Sue?

Who Is Sue? is part of the Web site for the Field Museum, in Chicago. Sue is the "largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found."
Generous spacing, large fonts, and simple links keep the pages neat. Background colors vary from page to page, and the photos of the dinosaur are great.
The right-side menu makes this well-organized site easy to navigate. Make a selection from the menu, and a drop-down list of sub topics appears. A link at the bottom of each page takes the user back to the main page.
Young and old alike will enjoy the information, pictures, videos, and QTVRs (QuickTime virtual reality) about Sue. Visitors to the site will find information about dinosaurs in general and Sue in particular. Students can learn how Sue became a fossil, watch a video of her CT scan, or explore her skull and brain in virtual reality. The text is written at a level students can understand, and they are sure to enjoy the graphics. The Image Gallery features a series of photos that depicts Sue's arrival, preparation, and display at the Field Museum. Just for Kids features downloadable activities such as instructions for making a flipbook, a crossword puzzle, and a word search.