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February 2001

The Bullying Project

This site helps young people deal with the problems of bullying and teasing.
The layout features simple graphics and cheerful colors on a black background.
Buttons on the home page link the two main areas of the site, Help and Sharing. There is also a link to each of these areas and back to the homepage at the bottom of the other pages.
Bullying.org encourages young people who are dealing with the issue of bullying to understand that they are not alone, that being bullied and teased is not their fault, and that they can do something about it. Help provides a long list of resources, such as articles, films, books, Web sites, and media coverage, that offer help and support to educators, guidance counselors, parents, or anyone interested in the welfare of children. Kids are asked to take a stand and send in their stories, poems, music, drawings, and even films. Victims and their families share their personal experiences with bullies. Look for a few options for dealing with bullies in Help.