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February 2001

Hello Friend

Hello Friend is the Web site of the Ennis William Cosby Foundation. The purpose of the site is to provide information about learning differences.
This is a simple site with well-placed graphics.
The main areas of the site are accessible from the main page. Each area has a top navigational menu for returning to the homepage or moving to other areas.
The information here is for parents, teachers, and other professionals interested in variations in learning styles. Teachers will find a hyperlinked list of ten things teachers can do to help students with learning differences. Each suggestions is linked to ideas for implementing the suggestion in the classroom. Students with learning differences share their experiences and unique understanding of the difficulties people with various learning styles encounter. Students celebrate the teachers who were instrumental in their lives and offer teachers and parents tips for helping similar children. Learning discusses the language of learning differences and clues to recognizing the problems that children may experience. Topics for Parents about supporting children who have learning difficulties include How Your Child Learns, Opportunities to Succeed, Language Skills, Organizational Skills, and Advocacy Skills. Included for parents is a special section on Homework.