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February 2001

Building a School Web Site
GRADE LEVEL: Teachers, Students

This site accompanies the book Building a School Web Site, by Wanda Wigglebits. Teachers and kids can use the easy-to-follow directions and build Web pages together.
This site is not very glossy, but it is easy to navigate and offers a beginner's guide for creating a school Web presence.
On the main page, topics link to subsequent pages, which link to the home page. Many pages also have a bottom navigation menu to other parts of the site.
Learn about topics such as basic HTML, using a Web editor, animation, search engine placement, and bandwidth. Wanda Wigglebits has put it all together in an informative and interesting tutorial that is ideal for students and teachers who are in the beginning stages of Web development. The easy to follow, step-by-step directions are written in an informal tone that students will enjoy and provide users with the basics they need to get their Web pages underway. The author suggests this guide is a great way for "teachers, kids, and individuals to boogie their way across the digital divide -- and have a great time doing it."