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S I T E     R E V I E W
February 2001

Kindle Park

Kindle Park is a learning playground where parents and teachers can share rich learning experiences with their pre-schoolers.

The site features a kid-friendly format with bright, informative graphics. Plug-ins are needed for optimal viewing, and all are available for download at Getting Started.

Access all sections of the site from the playground by clicking on the signpost or on the different graphics in the playground.

For a wonderful journey into the colorful world of family learning, check out Kindle Park! This interactive site offers hours of engaging educational games, stories, and videos for pre-schoolers and their parents or teachers. Even the download wait is entertaining because of a simple game of catch a letter or number. Children will enjoy the stories and games for recognizing and identifying letters and numbers, coloring and reading comics, or watching Kindlevision (cartoons). The Learning Guides that accompany the games and activities at this site are a great resource for parents. Guides offer suggestions on such topics as Reading Together, to help your child become an independent reader. Try Identifying and Sequencing Numbers, Recognizing Letter Names and Sounds, Safe Surfing, Playing to Learn, Telling Time, Connecting Art with Writing, and much more. The Activity Zone offers printable offline activities that parents or teachers can use with children and includes learning guides for them. Any family with very young children will want to check this one out!


Note: This is no longer a free site.