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American Presidents

This site, a companion to the C-Span television series American Presidents provides information on all the U.S. presidents, including brief biographies and other pertinent materials.

The consistent layout of all the pages makes the site user-friendly and attractive.

The navigation menu at the top of each page includes a Pick a President drop down menu for directly accessing information about a particular president.

Whether your students are studying all presidents from Washington to Clinton or just a particular president, this is the place to start. In this rich multimedia learning experience, classes can view the entire video series of the popular C-Span television program American Presidents: Life Portraits. They can read biographical sketches and tour the American Presidents Portrait Exhibit. Students can also search the Presidential Places database for the birthplaces of presidents, burial sites, and other notable landmarks. Teachers includes a comprehensive set of lesson plans, student projects, and activities for studying each president. Teacher-written lesson plans include Building Blocks, Choosing the Next President, Why a President? Why not a King?, Using Primary Sources and more.