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S I T E     R E V I E W
January 2001
Updated JUNE, 2007

The Snorkel
GRADE LEVEL: Professional

The Snorkel is a "support forum for K-12 technology leaders." The site uses different technologies and provides set-up information so users may incorporate them into their sites.

The crisp, clean layout and consistent color scheme carried through all the pages make the site user friendly and attractive.

A left side menu is available on the main page for the entire site, and each subsection has its own menu and a link back to the homepage for ease of navigation.

The Snorkel is a virtual treasure chest of information for the technology leader. Users can search the database for expert help in such areas as technology planning, troubleshooting -- for Macs or Windows -- grants and other resources, Internet use in the classroom, networking, and more. Sunken Treasure includes links to some excellent help sites, free downloads, Web tools, journals, and other resources. Chat rooms and discussion boards provide another resource for finding information quickly. Included are sections for sharing success stories and humor or posting and finding a job. Best of all, the different technologies used on the site are explained, and information on setting up similar pages and links for further exploration is provided.