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S I T E     R E V I E W
January 2001

GRADE LEVEL: 3-12, Parents, Professional

This program strives to educate young people to be good citizens in cyberspace.

The site features a user-friendly format with interesting graphics and bright colors.

The left side navigation menu is available on all pages for navigating through the main sections of the site.

The Cybercitizen Awareness Program aims to help parents and educators teach kids to be responsible Internet users. Users will find the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics, tips for teaching kids to be good cybercitizens, and advice on using "teachable moments" for discussing online ethics with kids. There is also a discussion of cybercrimes and a chart that relates real world crimes to virtual crimes in terms kids can easily understand. In Ask the Experts, visitors can send questions to the site's advisory panel. Parents and teachers will want to take the Quick Quiz to test their views about cyberethics and read the accompanying notes.