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S I T E     R E V I E W
December 2000

Internet Mental Health
GRADE LEVEL: Advanced, Professional, Parents

Internet Mental Health is for anyone with an interest in mental health. It includes information on common mental disorders, online diagnostics, and research information.

The consistent layout and cheerful color scheme of all the pages make the site user-friendly and attractive.

Set in frames, the site is neatly organized and easy to navigate. The main navigation bar at the bottom of the page remains the same. Each section of the site has its own menu that appears in the left-hand frame.

The site is divided into these main areas: Disorders, Diagnosis, Medications, Magazine, Research, and Internet Links. The site discusses 54 of the most common mental disorders, along with treatment and research information on each. Although not recommended instead of a professional diagnosis, the Diagnosis section might be an aid to anyone curious about the state of his or her mental health. There is also information on some of the most commonly used psychiatric medications, including the drugs' indications and side effects. Internet Mental Health has superb content and a great selection of Internet links that anyone researching mental health problems and treatments would find useful.