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S I T E     R E V I E W
December 2000

GRADE LEVEL: Grade Level: K-12, Advanced, Professional

This site, from StartSpot Mediaworks, offers a collection of museum-related resources in one easy-to-use spot.

MuseumSpot has an uncluttered layout that is mostly text with a few well-placed graphics.

Resources are grouped into categories, and visitors can easily search the entire database by country, state, city, museum name, or artist name. Internal pages link back to the home page, making navigation simple.

The MuseumSpot has something for everyone interested in exploring cultural, historical, scientific, and natural attractions from around the world. Users can easily locate museums by city, state, country, or specialty. The subsections of the site, listed in the main window, give quick, easy access to information and resources. Visitors can locate museum exhibits, offbeat attractions, and virtual collections. Or they can find out what a space module weighs in the You Asked for It section and check out By the Numbers for interesting number-related trivia. A modest collection of resources for teachers and professionals is included as well as a section for kids that includes links to some great hands-on science-related activities and art and history sites.