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S I T E     R E V I E W
November 2000

Color Math Pink

Color Math Pink emphasizes the importance of improving math skills for girls in a girl-friendly format.

This site is definitely female friendly, with soft colors, pictures of girls, and pink lettering.

The site has eight main sections, which appear in the left-side menu and on each page.

Who says girls can't excel in math? This site seeks to improve math skills for girls of all ages by presenting math in the way girls learn best, through cooperation and communication. In Homework Help, girls can find the support they need to improve their skills by selecting a tutor, who is certified by Color Math Pink, for subjects from middle school math to calculus. Or they can go to Your Turn to Talk and post a question to the Problem Solver Bulletin Board. In Test Your Skills, girls can self-diagnose. The Career Corner discusses how math skills relate to the real world, and Pink Links provides links to other math resources on the Web. The site also provides resources for parents and teachers. This is a must-see site for any girl who wants to improve her math performance.