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November 2000

Africa: Cradle of Civilization


This ThinkQuest site traces the evolution of Africa from "the beginnings of humanity to the rise and fall of its great civilizations."


High-quality photos and a symmetrical layout make this site very appealing. The text is a little dim, which can be hard on the eyes for a period of time. Users need RealPlayer to listen to the music and view the video.


The right-side menu choices are always available. Navigation through the pages is intuitive, with arrows at the bottom of the text pages and drop-down menus within the subsections. The site also provides a site map and a search tool.


This site covers the history of Africa as well as the early civilizations of Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, and North Africa. The Rise to Glory section explores South Africa, Ghana, and the great trading empires around the Red Sea. In the Profiles section, users will find information about each of the African nations, the religions, the peoples and the languages they speak, as well as information on the slave trade. In the Interactive section, students can listening to a Chaby song from Morocco or a Jali song from West Africa or watch videos about slavery. The Classroom area provides teachers with lesson plans.