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S I T E     R E V I E W
November 2000


YourHomework.com is a free solution for posting homework and class assignments on the Internet. It is committed to "enhancing student-teacher-parent communications."

The site has a simple, easy to read format with lots of white space.

The main areas of the site are easily accessed from the main page. All the internal pages have a top navigation bar for moving between the sections of the site or returning to the home page.

Keep your parents and students informed of assignments, important dates, tests and other pertinent information about your classroom. Parents will find a quick and easy link to communication with the teacher and easy access to monitor homework assignments. Teachers set up their class files with easy fill-in-the-blank forms that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. Students will find the homework help they need with the handy search feature in the Homework Help section. The database of rated sites can be searched by subject, grade level or keyword and results can be sorted by grade or rating. Registration at the site is free. There is a shopping mall where schools can participate in fundraising but participation is not required and no management by the school is necessary.