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S I T E     R E V I E W
November 2000

The Scots Guide to Electronics

The Scots Guide to Electronics is a beginner's level course to help users learn about components, circuits, and the use of electronics.

The layout is a simple table with graphics and diagrams used to illustrate the concepts. Users need a Java-enabled browser to view the experiments.

The course information is divided into three main sections: Practical, The Basics, and Something to Read. A table of contents is also available for finding information on a specific topic. The internal pages link back to the home page; users cannot navigate between the sections.

Anyone interested in electronics and its applications will find this site useful. The course is designed so that users may choose the order in which they explore the contents. The Basics section explores components, signals, and Earth's relationship to the study of electronics. Some very cool JavaScript experiments will enhance understanding. The Something to Read section includes introductory material about the ways in which coherent signals and waves can be used and basic ideas and methods of modern electronics.