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S I T E     R E V I E W
November 2000

Maths Is Fun

Developed by a teacher trainee in the United Kingdom, Maths Is Fun gives students and teachers some helpful hints, advice, and activities for learning math in a fun way.

The site's layout is a bit cluttered with mostly text and a few graphics.

Lessons and activities are categorized into groups according to skills. Although the main menu is always available on the left side of the page, users may find it easier to click on A-Z Listing for a complete index of available choices.

This site includes math lessons and activities on such topics as acute angles, equivalent fractions, and polygons, all written in language that students will understand. Students will also enjoy practicing skills with the interactive puzzles and quizzes offered or creating an alien mask by plotting coordinates on graph paper. Just for fun, there is a JavaScript version of the Tower of Hanoi game and WinLogo programs to try. A monthly newsletter and a discussion board are also included.