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Genetic Science Learning Center

The University of Utah Eccles Institute of Human Genetics and School of Medicine and the Utah Museum of Natural History developed this site. It offers information on beginning genetics, Web-based lessons, thematic units, and interactive student pages.

The site is colorful, appealing, and graphics intensive. Viewing requires a JavaScript-enabled browser.

This well-organized site offers users various options for accessing information. Resources are sorted by general topic: Basic Genetics, Genetic Disorders, Genetics in Society, and Genetic Thematic Units. Users may also choose to browse the site by interest group: Students and Teens, Teachers, and Parents and Families. Click on Find Fast for an alphabetical index of the entire site. The side menu is available on all pages.

This fascinating site was created for students, teachers, and families; anyone interested in genetics will find this site worthwhile. Of particular interest to teachers are the introductory materials in the Basic Genetics section and the curriculum materials in the Teachers and Thematic Units sections. All the activities comply with National Science Standards and provide hands-on as well as online experiences. For example, the activity What is DNA explores the meaning of DNA and offers students the opportunity to create a DNA string by moving nucleotides into position. Included in the teacher pages are questions to ask students, lists of materials and vocabulary terms, and student lab sheets for printing.