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Arty the Part Time Astronaut


This interactive site offers plenty of interesting information about our solar system in a fun and easy-to-use format. There is a companion book and CD-ROM, but the site provides enough engaging activities to easily stand on its own.


This colorful site takes some download time, but users can play games and take quizzes while they wait. Macromedia's Flash Player is necessary for viewing and can be downloaded from the site.


Navigation through the site is easy and intuitive for children. The links are clearly marked, and the exit option is always available.


Have your students hurtling through space at warp speed with this exciting educational site for young astronomers. Students can select the Travel option to learn about comets, the speed of light, and the Hubble Telescope or take a trip to each of the nine planets to learn some facts. In Activities, kids can select Gravatron. The user enters his or her weight and selects a planet to see how much he or she would weigh on that planet. The Time Machine calculates the user's age on any planet. Students can gain a better understanding of the phases of the moon by watching a movie, and they can test their knowledge with Space Smart quizzes. If that's not enough, Space Mail, Small Space Print Center, Arty's Space Calculator, and Arty's Screensaver, are available for download. Arcade type games will keep youngsters entertained for hours.