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October 2000

American Psychological Association
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced, Parents, Professional

This site provides resources and information for educators, parents, teens, and others on such topics as health care, depression, parenting, and career planning.

Lots of white space and simple, quick loading graphics make this site appealing.

The site is organized into three major areas: Psychologists, Public, and Students. Each area has its own menu and links to the home page. A handy site map and an onsite search tool are available.

The American Psychological Association Web site is the place where teachers, parents, and students, as well as mental health professionals, find information about mental health issues and the latest psychology news. Users may explore such topics as Aging, Depression, AIDS, Parenting & Family, and Disabilities. Some teens may be interested in the career planning information, which can help them determine whether a career in psychology is the right choice and point them toward educational funding and programs. Educators, parents, and students will find the most useful resources at Help Center, in the top navigation bar. Visitors can find help in locating a psychologist, information on how the mind and body work together for good health, and material about how psychology can help people who have stress, depression, and serious illness. dotComSense tells users how to protect their privacy while accessing information and how to determine whether online information is accurate and credible. Change Your Mind is a get-help guide for teens and young adults, and Warning Signs is a violence prevention guide for youth.