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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 2000
Updated JUNE, 2007

Fleet Kids

FleetKids, created by Fleet Financial Group and the Headbone Zone, aims to encourage youngsters to become money smart. Activities such as setting goals, saving and budgeting, balancing needs and wants, and working in teams to solve problems reflect real-world experiences.

This site is vibrant, colorful, and engaging, but users will have to contend with advertising.

Users can access all games from the list on the main page. Users navigate the site by clicking on the FleetKids logo to return to the homepage or choosing another game from the drop-down menu.

Have your students practice their math and financial skills by engaging in the fun and educational activities at FleetKids. Students can learn to make change in Ch-Ching or learn important financial concepts in such games as Frontyard Fortunes, BiLo/SellHi, and Play Ball. For instance, in the stock market game, BiLo/SellHi, students read the Buylo Bugle to find clues for predicting a company's stock performance. Then they proceed To the Stock Exchange, where they can view a company's previous performance and decide to buy or sell stock. An Activity Book is available for teachers; they can use it online or download and print it. Included in the book are suggestions for using the FleetKids site in the classroom as well as other activities and materials that can be used offline. This site is free, but registration is required to play the games. Teachers who register their classes and play as a group can earn prizes for their classrooms.