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September 2000

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Discovering Lewis and Clark is a comprehensive site covering the historic transcontinental journey that led to the westward expansion of the United States.

The pages are displayed in frames. Color and graphics fit well into the overall theme of the site. Users will need RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Flash plug-ins to enjoy all the files.

Users navigate the site by clicking on the first or any chapter listed in the Expedition section and following the More, Proceed or Countermarch buttons at the bottom of the pages. Drop-down menus on the left let users follow the Discovery Paths or the Journal Excerpts. The site is searchable, and a Quick Tour is provided.

Teachers will find this site a wonderful supplement to their units on the westward movement, and students will find it equally useful for report writing. Discovering Lewis and Clark uses original journal entries, photographs, maps, movies, and sound to bring this historic journey to life. The facts and records of the journey are presented in historical context, and the expedition's significance in American history and contemporary life is discussed. An interactive map allows users to trace the journey as well as click on the different areas along the trail for more information. Users may listen to recordings of some of the journal entries. Students will enjoy checking out the May 5, 1805, journal entry to learn all about the bears along the trip and then take a Griz Quiz.