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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 2000

The Internet Learning Network

The Internet Learning Network presents free, online interactive quizzes and activities to sharpen math and science skills. Elementary and middle school sections are available, and a high school section is under development.

This site uses the latest technology to present quizzes and games. They are entertaining and appealing to the target audience.

Activities are grouped by grade level: Elementary, Middle School, and High School (under development). Users enter the site by selecting the grade level from the left-side menu. After completing a short registration and choosing the subject area and grade from drop-down menus, students are taken directly to their activity choice.

Do your students need to brush up in math and science? The Internet Learning Network can help! These interactive quizzes and games give elementary and middle school students practice in a fun and entertaining way. Each quiz not only offers hints when the wrong answer is chosen but also gives explanations when the correct answer is selected. Along the way, students have the opportunity to see how their scores compare with those of other students their age from around the world. When a student completes a quiz, he or she gains access to the game area. Elementary topics in the Goo Laboratory include environment, life science, and physical science. Middle school students may choose from chemistry, environmental and earth sciences, life sciences, and physics in the Mastery Science Theatre or algebra, fractions and number sense, data representation, analysis and probability, geometry, proportionality and measurement in the Celebrity Math Quiz. The Real Challenge, for students in seventh and eighth grades, is a timed test that compares a student's results to those of students from the countries that participated in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).