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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 2000

SURWEB: The State of Utah Resources Web
GRADE LEVEL: Professional, K-12

SURWEB allows teachers to create their own multimedia presentations right on the Web without any special software. Included is a database of learning materials created at the site.

Each section of the site is represented with an appropriate graphic and color that is repeated on the internal pages.

The site is divided into four color-coded sections: Collections, Media Shows, Testing, and Learning Segments. Each section has a navigation bar at the top of the page for navigating the section and a side menu with color-coded buttons to access other areas of the site.

SURWEB offers many resources connected to parks, museums, and the Utah curriculum. Teachers anywhere will be able use of some of the other resources, which include the ability to make online media shows, interactive tests, and learning segments (lessons). To use the service, teachers must register for their own free SURWEB locker number. To create a media show, users may use the images and movies in the extensive online gallery, save them from the Internet, or upload their own. Detailed online tutorials are available for each section. The created materials are stored on the SURWEB server and made available on the Web. Many of the Learning Segments and Media Shows are appropriate for students anywhere, such as All About Time, A Kid's Guide to the Solar System, Earthquakes: Why and Where, and many more.