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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 2000

Life Science Safari

Seventh-grade life science teacher Jennifer Vilenski, from Roger Ludlowe Middle School, in Fairfield, Connecticut, has put together this interactive lesson that explores cell structure and the classification of living things.

Cute, colorful graphics with lots of white space in between make this site appealing.

This site has clearly defined links to the five sections, one for each of the different types of living things. Each section displays a list of informational links. A handy site map is also included.

Let Safari Sally guide your students on an adventure through the life science jungle. Students will examine the five groups of living things and learn what they have in common as well as what makes each different. After reviewing the information pages, students are asked to go on their own expedition (self-test). These expeditions include Cell Expedition, Vertebrate Classification Expedition, and Arthropod Self-Test. Each test is written in an informal manner that takes students on a journey in search of the correct answers and gives immediate feedback. Middle school students will enjoy learning life science in this fun and informative activity.