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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 2000

GRADE LEVEL: Professional, Parents

Brain.com provides information, news, and resources for anyone interested in the health and fitness of the brain.

The layout is similar to that of a newsletter, with small graphics and text. Most of the information is presented in article format.

Each page has a left and a right menu, making the choices easily available from any part of the site.

Take an online IQ test or test your mental quickness and thinking and decision-making skills. Compare your attention span to those of other people at Brain.com. Although this is a commercial site, the online tests and lots of information about the brain and keeping it healthy and fit are free. Users will find the latest news and up-to-date information on such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Brain Health and Fitness, Creativity, Diet and Nutrition, IQ and Intelligence, and Memory. Parents will be interested in the information on brain diseases and conditions such as ADHD, Depression, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy and Dyslexia.