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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 2000


SpaceKids is a comprehensive space site that includes movies, photos, interactive games, space facts, and space mission news.

This site is visually appealing to youngsters of all ages. It makes good use of Flash and Shockwave technology for interactivity.

Visitors will find navigation through the site simple with the left-side menu that appears on all the pages. The front page features sections of the site, which change regularly.

Kids of all ages will find something to delight them at spaceKids, from great space photos to movies to facts about the planets to homework help. Visitors will find lots of information and interactivity on this site. Students can find the latest space news, ask the experts questions, keep up with scheduled missions, test their space knowledge, and share their own work in the section Your Space. Fun, educational games include Planet Pounds, where students can weigh in on all the planets, and Space Age, where kids can find out what their age would be in outer space. Teachers will find two complete teaching modules, "What Makes a Volcano Erupt?" and "Can You Ever See Venus at Midnight?" Each module contains how-to-teach information, hands on activities for students, and cross-curricular suggestions. This is your one-stop source for everything spacey.