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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 2000

Find Tutorials
GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Parent, Professional

This site is an index of free, Web-based tutorials and courses on almost any subject you may want to explore.

The layout is a typical Web index and search engine without much eye appeal.

The site organizes the 12 categories and subcategories in an outline format. The search tool allows users to search by keyword to locate information quickly. All internal pages link back to the home page.

Are you always looking for new things to learn? Find Tutorials may be the place of your dreams. This Web index has an extensive database of online tutorials on practically any subject, ranging from ballroom dancing to the moonwalk, golf skills to figure skating basics, or basic computer skills to Web publishing. This site could be useful for teachers looking to hone their own skills in a particular area or to find tutorials appropriate for their students.