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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 2000


This online collaborative project, sponsored by the Utah Education Network's UtahLINK, provides the framework for students to adopt a pond and explore pond ecology.

ExplorA-Pond has an appealing interface with a few appropriate "pond" graphics.

Visitors can easily access each area of the site from the main page. The internal pages are not necessarily linked, but there is a return link to the home page from each.

Engage your students with the ExplorA-Pond Project, and have them collaborating with other students around the world to solve mathematical and scientific problems as they study pond ecology. Classes adopt a pond and complete the suggested activities. If you don't have a pond nearby to adopt, create a virtual one by completing the online simulation. Choose the creatures you want to add and see whether they can survive. The site lists the adopted ponds, and registered classes can publish pictures and information about their ponds. Included is a list of math and science sites related to pond science, a discussion board, and a virtual tour of the outdoor classroom where students can help decide where to build a pond.