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Teaching with Historic Places

Teaching with Historic Places includes lesson plans and resources to enrich the teaching of history, civics, and other subjects through the use of properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.

The site uses a clean, uncluttered format with lots of white space. Featured lessons are shown with appropriate graphics.

Each section of the site is easily accessible from the side menu that is repeated on each page. Users can browse by theme, location, or time period. A short description follows each lesson title.

Watch the interest grow when history comes to life in your classroom. Students experience the stories behind each historic place. The use of primary sources, visuals, and well-developed lesson plans makes this site a rich learning opportunity. Each lesson requires students to use what they have learned to do their own research. Such features as African American History, American Indian History, American Presidents, Civil War history, Washington, D.C., and Women's History introduce students to important historical concepts. Educators will not only find excellent lesson plans but also tips for use, guidelines for creating their own plans using historical places, and opportunities for professional development. This is a must-see site for any teacher of history, social studies, geography, or civics or anyone with an interest in historical places.