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S I T E     R E V I E W

Millennium Mystery Madness

This ThinkQuest Jr. Award Winner pieces together the clues to writing a mystery story and presents the process in a fun way children will understand. Students from Sts. Peter and Paul School, in Naperville, Illinois, created it.

This mysterious site has an appealing design and is available in French and Spanish as well as English.

Text links are organized into a table on the left side of the page. Each internal page links back to the main page. There is also a handy site map.

Millennium Mystery Madness explores the process of writing mystery stories. In Anatomy of a Mystery, the five components of a good mystery are examined: Characters, Setting, Plot, Problem, and Solution. Users will also find tips and advice from real mystery authors, the history of the mystery, an online mystery scavenger hunt, and a collection of games and fun activities in the Fun House. Included is a You Be the Author! section for trying out those newly acquired skills and a book list of mysteries from around the world.