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S I T E     R E V I E W
June 1, 2000

ReCAPP (Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention)
GRADE LEVEL: Professional, Parent

Managed by ETR (Education, Training, Research) Associates, a nonprofit publisher of health education resources, ReCAPP offers educators an online source of information and support for educating teens on "sexual risk-taking behaviors."

Information is presented in a simple graphics-free interface.

Visitors can easily navigate the site from the left-side menu that appears on each page. An online search option is available, and a handy site index allows users to find information quickly.

Anyone who deals with teens will find useful information at the ReCAPP site. The monthly CAPP's Column explores issues of teen pregnancy, including child sexual abuse, contraception, abstinence, HIV prevention, and teen decision-making strategies. Users will find information about the latest research, effective practices, programs that work, and statistics. There is also a searchable resource database and resource directory available. Under Effective Practices, educators will find the Educator Skills section, which provides information and guidelines for talking to teens about sexual activity. Each month, a Learning Activity is provided for use in the classroom. Activities in the Learning Activity Archives include Delaying Tactics, Sex on TV: Teens and Parents Talk, and an Online Teen Scavenger Hunt. This is an important site for teachers and parents of teens.