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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 1, 2000

SESD Teacher Resources
GRADE LEVEL: Professional

Created by Peter Arthur of Saskatoon East School Division in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, this site is a resource for educators who want to integrate technology with the curriculum.

The main page of this site is appropriately made up of a series of textbook icons.

Visitors can access each area of the site by clicking on the icons on the main page or from the menu at the top of each internal page.

The SESD Teacher Resources site features a host of well-researched and annotated links to Internet projects, WebQuests, virtual tours, Internet scavenger hunts for teachers and students, cool student sites and information on multiple intelligences. Links are categorized by subject and theme. Teachers who are just beginning to use the Internet in the classroom can scroll below the textbook icons to find such helpful information as an Internet Tutorial, an E-mail Basics Course, and step-by-step directions for locating KeyPals. Included are resources for evaluating Web sites and student work and a list of opportunities for publishing student work on the Internet.