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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 1, 2000

Cobblestone Publishing

The mission of Cobblestone Publishing, publisher of educational magazines, is to provide "exceptional educational materials for young people, and for the teachers, librarians, and parents who guide them."

This site has a very basic layout with photographs and a few appropriate graphics.

The main page has a menu on the left. Internal pages have topics displayed as links, and information for each subject is presented using lists of links.

Although the Cobblestone Publishing Company site features information about its educational publications, it also offers some free-standing resources for teachers and librarians. The Kids page presents activities such as Making Corn Grow, ABCs on the Double, and Rivers of the World; quizzes on U.S. and world history; free articles and contests; and ideas for having your work published at Cobblestone. Teachers will find guides for using the publications in the classroom, suggestions for teaching a wide variety of topics that include links to related sites, and reading skills and comprehension questions. Included are correlations to Massachusetts, Texas, and California social studies curriculum standards.