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S I T E     R E V I E W
April 16, 2000

The Word Detective

The site is a companion to The Word Detective newspaper column, by Evan Morris, which answers users' questions about words and language.

Black-and-white cartoon graphics and lots of white space give this site a whimsical look.

Links to an alphabetical list of archived columns and the current issue of the Word Detective column are clearly marked. It takes some scrolling but retrieving information is easy.

What does a "pig in a poke" have to do with "letting the cat out of the bag"? Ask the Word Detective. This site explores the world of words in a lighthearted manner. The Word Detective includes current columns as well as archives of past columns. Users will also find a link for subscribing to the newsletter or sending in their own word questions. Fun links include everything from a history of The Word Detective to how to waste time on the Internet. Whether you are a whippersnapper or an old curmudgeon, The Word Detective has something of interest to you.