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Environmental News Network
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced

The Environmental News Network is your Internet source for news about anything concerning the environment.

Lots of white space and few graphics make this site attractive and easy to read. RealPlayer is required for listening to the radio broadcast.

The top navigation bar gives a consistent feel to each section of the site and easy access to the topics. Clever rollovers allow a see-before-you-click synopsis.

This site offers both teachers and students ideas, lessons, and information galore. For easy access, this wealth of information is organized by topics in the Channels section. Diary of the Planet, in the Features section provides current news stories about what has happened to the environment in the past week. Users can find informative articles, by top environmentalists, on hot topics and important issues or join in the forums, chats, and polls at ENN Interactive. Photo essays and press releases about environmental concerns are also available. The good news for the classroom is that in November, when polar explorers Ann Bancroft and Liv Arneson set out to cross the continent of Antarctica, elementary students will be able to share the expedition, virtually, through the ENN Web site. This site has enough information, multimedia, and interactivity to keep students and the environmentally conscious entertained for days.