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S I T E     R E V I E W
April 1, 2000

Essentials of Music Online
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12, Advanced

This site is a comprehensive music resource for casual listeners and serious students of music produced by W. W. Norton Publishers and Sony Classical.

The site uses simple graphics and borders on the home page. Each section's page uses the same border. Wide spacing makes the pages easy to view.

Each page uses the same graphical navigation menu at the top, which allows users to move around the site easily. Real Audio Player is required for the music clips.

Essentials of Music Online will appeal to visitors who want to gain a better understanding of music through the study of various periods in music history as well as those who simply enjoy listening to the classical sounds. The abundance of useful information overshadows the site's commercial element. Each of the three main sections, Eras, Composers, and Glossary, integrates textual information and audio components. Eras examines the six main periods of musical history, from A.D. 450 through the present. Each era includes discussion of historical themes, musical context, and style. The Composers section gives a glimpse into the lives and works of nearly 70 composers. The Glossary provides numerous examples through pictures and music with using Real Audio Player.