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S I T E     R E V I E W
March 16, 2000

Planet Earth

This site is a collaborative effort between the Poway (California) Unified School District (PUSD) and the Museum of Television and Radio. The partners' goal is to produce high-quality, Web-based teaching materials and interactive learning activities on ecology.

The pages have a simple design with a few, well chosen graphics. The focus here is on content instead of bells and whistles.

All sections of the site are easily accessible from the main page.

Although this site was put together to complement videoconferences conducted by the Museum of Television and Radio for PUSD, the activities are an exceptional resource for any educator who teaches ecology. The major components of the site include The Earth's Treasures, You Make a Difference, Conflict Yellowstone Wolves, Teacher's Toolkit, and Ecology Hotlist. In Earth's Treasures, students complete an interactive treasure hunt and are encouraged to make a commitment to help the environment. When they click the Click here to write your story bar, students can retrieve a printable copy of their treasure hunt. Students produce a public service announcement for radio, television, newspaper or Web page, using the online proposal maker, in the You Make a Difference WebQuest. The follow up WebQuest, Conflict Yellowstone Wolves, encourages students to take a stand on the issue and write a letter to an editor of a media product or a government official. The Teacher Toolbox has links for downloading necessary plug-ins or updating browsers and another Ecology Hotlist of resources.