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Parlo: Language, Culture, Life

This site was developed to " help people learn languages and experience cultures through the Internet."

The design is clean, with a few small, quick loading graphics.

This site is well organized into four main sections: Learn, Explore, Teachers and Boutique. The top navigation bar and the side menu make navigation simple.

Parlo can help visitors learn to speak English, French, or Spanish through free, interactive courses written in a story format. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses are available. Parlo offers not only courses but also an opportunity to explore languages. Through interactive chats, forums, music, and live broadcasts from around the world, users can practice languages in context. Included are pen pals, a word of the day, articles written in the language of choice, and links to sights around the world. The teacher section contains lesson plans, tips, an online community and job offerings. Users must register to enjoy all the benefits of Parlo, but registration is free.