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S I T E     R E V I E W
March 16, 2000

GRADE LEVEL: K-8, Parent, Professional

Lycos Zone is a safe and engaging Web site for children ages three to 12, parents, and teachers.

Colorful graphics and animations make this a child-pleasing site.

The site is very well organized, and the main sections are clearly identified. Even young children will find navigating the LycosZone easy.

Each section of this site offers a unique experience for users. The Homework Zone provides a quick and easy search tool for sorting through an interactive atlas, multimedia and animal encyclopedias, and children's almanacs. With all the pictures, sounds, and videos, students won't complain about homework. Fun Zone and Games Zone offer some of the most compelling interactive games available on the Internet to kids of all ages. Teachers Zone and Parents Zone are filled with useful information, advice, message boards, and links to more resources on the Web. Alfy's Zone showcases some of the new and exciting kids' sites that feature interactive learning, such as Alfy's Playground, which is for very young users. LycosZone provides a safe searching and learning environment for kids and alerts kids when they are about to leave the site.