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S I T E     R E V I E W
March 1, 2000

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Advanced

This multilingual site was created to "familiarize the largest possible number of people with Mozart." Text is available now in Dutch, French, and English, and other languages are being added.

The design is simple, with images that enhance the various text sections.

This well-organized site is easy to navigate. Clearly defined internal links provide movement from page to page within the site.

Listen to the music as you learn about the life and times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Familiarize your students with classical music by clicking on the square in the left corner to read about the piece you are hearing. Users can access information about Mozart and his compositions and learn more about his works. The site includes libretti, sheet music, compositions, and audio clips. Users will need to have MP3 Player to play the compositions.