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March 1, 2000

Web Weather for Kids

Web Weather for Kids is the first recipient of the Unisys Prize for achievement in Online Science Education. The site was a collaboration of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Science Discovery at the University of Colorado, and Boulder Valley School District and Casey Middle School.

This eye-catching site has a personality of its own. Simple graphics and clean layout invite exploration. Audio and video clips help reinforce understanding of the material presented.

The graphical links, along with the text links, make this well-organized site user-friendly. The water droplet "guide" appears on every page with tips or suggestions.

Web Weather for Kids explores what thunderstorms are all about. Through a series of simple experiments that can be done at home using ordinary materials, students are able to make a thunderstorm and create lightning or a tornado. The Teacher Tips page includes tips for using the lessons in the classroom from teachers who have done the experiments. Simple drawings, pictures, and audio and video clips fully explain each lesson. The audio and video clips require an mpeg player, such as Microsoft's ActiveMovie player. Users can view and listen to student explanations of the weather phenomena.